Got Your First Allowance? Read This Before You Spend It

By Caitlin


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The life of a sugar baby is typically portrayed as a life full of things. You see this everywhere. Pictures of sugar babies in front of monstrous mansions, sugar babies posing in front of luxury cars, sugar babies clad in Louboutins and Cartier watches.

Everywhere you look, the image of sugar babies is synonymous with a lifestyle full of jewelry, shoes, furs, and little trinkets and luxuries galore.

This glittery life certainly has its appeals. It’s a huge reason many aspiring sugar babies join the sugar game to begin with.

But all that sparkles is not gold and one of the worst mistakes you can make as a sugar baby is to blow your allowance on things.


So many sugar babies blow through their entire allowance only to be left scrambling to find another sugar daddy as soon as one arrangement ends. This is the worst situation to place yourself in ’cause as a sugar baby, your expenses often go up and once you’re left without a sugar daddy to bankroll those expenses, you might be left in more desperate straits.

This sort of situation is not a good place to be in when choosing your next sugar daddy. Desperation clouds clear thinking and decision making. Plus, potential sugar daddies can smell it a mile away and the last thing you want is to attract a predatory sugar daddy.

The last thing you want to do is have to find a sugar daddy out of desperation.

So before you check out the cutest couture and envision how you’d look in a Chanel purse and Tom Ford sunglasses or you finally decide to “invest” in the full set of MAC makeup brushes you’ve been eyeing – think about what good these items are going to do you if your sugar arrangement suddenly ends tomorrow. Are those new Louboutins going to feed you, clothe you, and shelter you? Hell no. Luxury items like these lose their value as soon as wear them

Plus, luxury items like couture purses or sunglasses are pure vanity items that add nothing of real value to your life. Skip on these. And…if you strongly feel the urge to have them anyway – do yourself a favor and go shopping for a gift daddy. We don’t typically like gift daddies, but they’re okay to have on the side when your allowance is taken care of. They don’t even have to be a regular thing. For some reason, men are a lot more willing to give gifts than they are to fork out a regular allowance.

So keep your sugar daddy and save the allowance he gives you and for luxury items – get yourself a temporary gift daddy if you must. Just don’t spend your own funds on frivolous stuff.

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