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How to Avoid Fake Sugar Daddies Who Just Want Sex

By Emma

sugar dating tips

Everybody wants sex. Sex is fun. But how do you avoid having your inbox fill up with fake sugar daddies who are just looking for sex? Each sugar daddy website has their share of guys who are just looking for young, pretty things to have sex with. These are not quality sugar daddies. In fact, […]

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What the Best Sugar Daddies Are Looking For in a Sugar Baby

By Emma

sugar baby tips

There are several societal misconceptions about the sugar dating dynamic. The most widespread – and perhaps also the most wrong – of these misunderstandings is that sugar daddies are only interested in hot, younger women. It is true that physical attractiveness is an important component in sugar dating. In fact, it’s an important component in […]

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How to Find a Sugar Daddy in Real Life

By Caitlin

how to find a sugar daddy

It’s never been easier for a sugar baby to snag herself a wealthy sugar daddy. There are sugar daddy websites and matchmaking services galore – most of which are free for sugar babies – that will match you up with income-verified daddies in your area and take much of the pain out of the initial […]

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