5 Red Flags of a Sugar Daddy Scammer

By Caitlin


Sugaring has never been so popular. There are sugar dating websites and apps galore and more potential daddies and babies join every day. And that’s great on one hand since it means more candidates to choose from but the downside? The mass migration to sugar websites also attracts some unsavory characters.

Yup, the rise of sugaring comes with scammers, and the first thing you need to know as a new sugar baby is how to spot them quickly so you can continue your search for a genuine sugar daddy unscathed. Look for these tell tale signs to help you identify the hucksters before you get scammed!

It sounds too good to be true

Some sugar daddies are truly generous. They won’t be stingy when offering you an allowance that fits what you’re worth (a lot). However, there’s no such thing as free handouts and if your POT is offering a hefty monthly allowance in exchange for phone calls and text messages, there’s a chance that he isn’t the CEO that he says he is, and is planning to scam you.

This is especially true if you two have never met. There are tons of sugar babies out there, so why would he open his wallet to a stranger if he can do the same to someone he’s actually met a few times? Be on your toes, and trust your gut instinct.

He asks you to open a Chase Liquid card

There are many variations of this card. Wells Fargo has one, Chase has it, and many other banks offer something similar. The idea is that your sugar daddy will be able to deposit your allowance straight into the card, but he has no access to your personal information.

It’s a reloadable prepaid card. To deposit money, the scammer might ask for some information on the card, using your allowance as an excuse. How it works is that they send you a check of a high sum, but the check is fake.

Once it’s deposited into your Liquid card, with the right information, the scammer can withdraw all that money at an ATM. A few days later, the check will bounce and the bank will call you — because now you owe the bank all the money that was on that check. Not only are cards like these uninsured (meaning there’s no way you’ll get your money back), but by then, the scammer will have blocked you and ran off with your money.

Scammers will often make up different stories to get the maximum amount of money sent possible. They’re buying jewelry for their coworkers, they’re throwing a surprise party with an extravagant budget, or they’re just promising that you can have a cut of the money if you deposit the check for them. Never deposit a check for your sugar daddy. There are tons of other discreet ways to transfer money. Check out the most popular ways to get your allowance.

He asks you for nudes before meeting

A respectful sugar daddy should never ask you for nudes. Daddies are kind and courteous, and they never pressure a sugar baby to do something they’re uncomfortable with. If he asks for nudes or other provocative pictures, that’s a big no-no.

If you both have an established relationship and he’s proved to be real sugar, and you’re comfortable, go for it! If not, block him and don’t look back. These “sugar daddies” are just fishing for nudes and won’t actually reward you for them.

He asks for bank information

With modern technology like Paypal, Venmo, and even Chase QuickPay, why does he need your bank account information? You only need an email to send money securely.

There is zero reason that your sugar daddy needs your account number, social security, or any logins. If you are asked, politely decline and offer to use a different method of payment. All apps are equally as discreet and only show up as “Venmo” or “Paypal” in their bank account statements.

He’s asking you to buy something

Many times, scammers will ask you to purchase them a gift card or gift cards. A common one is iTunes. They will offer you a multitude of stories on why you need to buy them these gift cards with the promise to pay you back.

The scammer will then ask you to send him pictures of the barcode and pin, drain the money out of the gift cards, and stop communicating with you altogether. Since it’s a gift card, you won’t be able to get your money back. This is a very common scam that you should always watch out for! If he needs gift cards, he can buy them himself. No excuses!

Have you ever been scammed by a sugar daddy? Have you encountered any sugar daddies like this? Comment below and share your stories with us!

This post is brought to you by one of our contributing SB writers, Candice, aka The Bay Area Sugar Baby. You can check out her sugar baby story here!

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anon-baby October 23, 2017

I got scammed pretty bad. If it weren’t for my daily withdraw limit, I’d be screwed. My sugar daddy offered a lot of money and I assumed he was just some desperate, lonely, rich guy. He said he was working as a contractor for construction on private government buildings. It’s pretty obvious now that I think about it. I was just blinded by my need of money. He ended up only taking 200 (luckily) since my bank caught on that there was an attempt at a large purchase of Apple cards. He had told me he needed a program on his laptop to finish his work and he could see me after. Long story short, after a long time talking, he asked for my Wells Fargo info to log in and take a picture of a check and deposit it to him. It was about 2k and he wanted 600 for programs for 2 laptops, and a deposit of 1000 to Western Union. When I went to get the Apple cards, a lady told me scammers pick iTunes cards and Western Union to take your money without a trace. After that I asked more questions and only did 200. He took it and never responded.

Keeks November 18, 2017

My SD is telling me to get a Vanilla Debit Card is that safe???

    Sally November 21, 2017

    Don’t do it. You shouldn’t have to buy anything.

    Jacquetta November 21, 2017

    No…never get a reloadable card or gift card.

    yasmin December 5, 2017

    ALMOST 5 guys told me to purchase it..ONE VANILLA GIFT CARDS
    i read an article saying they do like gift cards because they are untraceable..
    i purchased one for $25.. and so far nothing… i think its safe to say isssa SCAM sis

    ty December 9, 2017

    No girl don’t trust it I hope you didn’t.

    Estrella December 13, 2017

    No don’t do it he is offering to transfer money to it and wants you to purchase the vanilla card don’t fall for it it’s a scam

Lisa November 30, 2017

I’m pretty sure that I’m being scammed, I have 3 pot giving almost the exact same email with only slightly different words.

Cheyanne December 1, 2017

Hi! I am super new to this lifestyle and have so many questions. If there are any sugar babies that would like to help me i would appreciate it!

Luna December 19, 2017

I had 3 guys do it to me. You would have thought the 1st was a red flag but when two were asking and explained the same thing I thought it was how it goes since I’m really new to all of this. 2 of them deposited into my account 2400. One said to take 400 and the other 2000 into a western union for a charity. The other one said to keep 800 and buy 16 $100 iTunes gift cards. I was stupid enough to give them my log in information to my bank because I thought it was how it worked. And the 3rd guy only got my routing number and account number. He then asked for my log in for his accountant (btw all three guys had an accountant) and he cane back saying that he went over his spending limit and that he was going to give me his week paycheck and that I would take out my portion and then help to pay his suppliers. I told him no I wouldn’t give him my log in information. I told him it was compromised and I didn’t want him to get hacked if I was already. I never heard from him. After that I did some research after damage was done and realized that I fucked up. I called my bank immediately and tried to fix the damage done. They got me for my log in too and my social. I called the following morning to figure out why it was still pending to find out that I was compromised again that they had found a way to forge and tap into the phone line. I quickly went to the bank to figure out what happened. They were shocked to know that their lines were tampered. So just for all you sugar babies out there, don’t give your bank info out. And if you did like me, don’t call your bank. Go to your bank!!! Be sure to put an alert on your ssn and be sure that you submit an alert. I told one of the guys who did it what I did and told him how it was all reversed and he begged me that he would take care of it. But I told him it was done and over and he stopped talking to me. The other guy who got in. I told him that it was all reversed with my bank and that I understood that he would not want to speak to me any longer. I told them that a police report was filed and funds were being reversed. And he actually still wanted to talk to me but I warned him that I wouldn’t be giving him any bank info and there was always Venmo or PayPal if he really wanted to give me an “allowance”. He understood. So i guess we will see what happens.

    Samantha January 3, 2018

    Did you ever get your iTunes & giftcards fund back into your account? How did it all that work? Or did you have to pay off the debt with your own money?

I'm strugglingat21 January 3, 2018

So i opened up a new bank account and sent him the account number and routing number. He put $100 bc r account had an opening limit. Now he’s asking for log in to add it to his bank to transfer easier. When i told him he just needs the account and routing he got upset. This a scam right? Like i have my doubts bc he said $400 weekly and we never met. We been taking for three days.

    Rae January 10, 2018

    What was his name? I’m hearing something similar from a POT. Did he complain about hating Bank of America?

    Anon February 5, 2018

    Don’t do it

Toasty January 12, 2018

I was pretty close to coming into a scam. Same story as some of the other comments. I did give my account number and login, but grew suspicious before anything was done. He asked me to get ITunes gift cards, and then I would supposedly keep the rest of the money as my allowance. I changed my info right away and set my account so that before login, I get sent a code (to my phone number btw) and then that code is required to continue. The code is unique each time. Hope this is enough and the guy will just give up. Because my account number and routing number was given, I am still going to my bank to see if additional measures are needed. I am
looking into closing the account entirely. I pray nothing happens. I even cancelled my debit card. He was reported to seeking arrangements and went by Charles who is 51 from California for future reference.

In my defense, I was completely new to the whole sugar baby life. I obviously had no idea that these scams existed!

Anonymiss January 18, 2018

I wish I saw this back in September 2017. The guy I was talking to groomed me into thinking he was a Texan deployed in Africa. He told me his payroll officer will pay me even tho we have never met. He scammed me badly. To add salt on the wound he wanted my new bank info, of which I never gave. He wasn’t from Texas which I found out later on, he was from Africa.

    anon January 26, 2018

    hi can you please tell me what you did after the scam happened, did you call the bak or what

Angel February 2, 2018

I think I’m getting scammed someone help. I don’t know. He isnt asking for iTunes or anything but he wants my address now. What do i do. Before seeing this site i have him my account number and routing number and i was so exhausted from working last night. I have 3 kids and im almost due with my fourth that i gave him my card number and pin. Please give me some advice. I need the money but i cant afford to get scammed.

    Anon February 5, 2018

    Go to your bank ASAP . Your bank can help you but not after it all goes down . My bank wanted to help me , the police didn’t .

Faith E Saltsgiver February 4, 2018

Please help!!! I am new to the sugar lifestyle. I have been talking to a couple sugar daddys.

Daddy #1. He wants to buy me a phone & take me on a trip but he wants me to enroll in a Amazon signature visa card.
Daddy #2.Is saying he will send me $250 in my paypal account but he needs a $15-$25 iTunes gift card so he can confirm sending the money from his company paypal.

I want to know if these guys are true & genuine or are they scammers?
Also if they are scammers, can you set me up with a real sugar daddy

Christopher February 5, 2018

He claimed to be importing cars for a company that he inherited . He sent me money via check (these were fake checks ) he said he sent me too much and had me send it away . Immediately I felt uneasy but did it because I was promised more money . I’m busy I word 60 hours a week so I’m not the easiest to contact that being said he called me 50 times so I was forced to block his number . I still had some of his money and he said if I didn’t do what I was told he’d call the police. So I followed the instructions as given . I went to the bank to switch over accounts and noticed that there were -thousands in my account which I am now responsible to pay back . All because I was worried about my student loans . Daddy said he’d pay those too , thank god I didnt let him send me that heft sum .

Lily February 19, 2018

After being on a sugar daddy app, I contacted a guy and he asked me how much I wanted my allowance. I said $200. After I gave him my credit card login information. He willingly made a payment of $2,350.00 without my permission. Afterwards, he threatened to call law enforcement on me if I did not buy him 10 iTunes gift cards adding to $1,000.00. I immediately cancelled and locked my credit card account. This money was a real online payment. He is still threatening to blame me for fraud after no agreements were made in the beginning. After I refused to send him the gift cards he told me to send cash through western union which I also refused. Please be cautious and smart.

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